Address by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.E. Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the Opening Ceremony of the Eleventh «Sharq Taronalari» International Music Festival

Assalomu alaykum, dear guests!


Dear participants of the festival!


Ladies and gentlemen!


Above all, allow me to sincerely welcome you on the ancient and beautiful land of Uzbekistan, in the sublime city of Samarkand.


I congratulate all of you from the bottom of my heart on the solemn opening of «Sharq Taronalari» International Music Festival.


We are especially pleased that such high-ranking guests as the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization Taleb Rifai, President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Christine Muttonen, Director-General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization of the Organization of Islamic Conference - ISESCO Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri are participating at today’s ceremony.


I am also happy to welcome the Director- General of the Research Center For Islamic History, Art and Culture - IRCICA Halit Eren, Regional Executive Secretary for East Asia of the International Organization of Folk Art Moon Hyung Suk, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States Sergey Nikolayevich Lebedev, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Development of Cultural Ties Mikhail Efimovich Shydkoy, President of the Bukharian Jewish Congress of the USA and Canada Boris Kandov and other distinguished guests and representatives of the diplomatic corps who by showing respect to our people regularly participate in such forums.


Taking this opportunity, allow me to express my profound respect and esteem to all participants of the festival by saying «Welcome to Samarkand! Welcome to our dear Uzbekistan!»


Dear friends!


In today’s extremely complex time, when confrontation and conflicts are aggravating, the role and influence of music art, which is capable of turning millions of people of different languages and religions into friends without any interpreter and strengthening cooperation and accord among them is ever growing.


In this regard, this year’s festival is of special essence and significance and it is being held in the historical period of the twentieth anniversary since its establishment.


On this joyous occasion, with profound gratitude we acknowledge the people who have laid the festival’s foundation, enormously contributed to its prestige on the global level and their unforgettable services.


Speaking about this, above all, we pay homage to the bright memory of the prominent political and state figure, the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Abduganievich Karimov. Islam Abduganievich dearly loved and valued «Sharq Taronalari» as much as his native city of Samarkand and its heart - the Registan Square.


In a short period of time the festival gained profound authority for its unique spirit and look, such noble goals and aspirations as strengthening the bonds of friendship among nations, preserving the traditions of music art and developing cultural dialogue.


In this regard, we know well and highly value the commendable contribution of such devoted organizers and participants as you, my dears.


We can speak a lot about a big path traversed by «Sharq Taronalari» festival since 1997, the history of its unique formation and development.


However, in this context I would like to draw your attention to the following figure. If 56 performing artists from 31 countries participated in the festival in 1997, this year 241 skilled singers and musicians from 58 countries are attending the event.


The fact that today «Sharq Taronalari» music festival is recognized as a large international forum of the music world and this name resounds across the world, testifies about the growing prestige and significance of the festival.


Dear participants of the festival!


Standing on this beautiful and unique Registan Square, we are witnessing that Samarkand, which during its 2750 year-long history saw the whole variety of events, is becoming yet more beautiful these days and is turning into the center of the world music art and the real heart of Earth.


It is well-known from historical sources that even six hundred years ago in the time of Amir Temur the skillful musicians and singers from across the globe gathered and held beautiful forums on the land of Samarkand.


And now years and centuries later, the world’s outstanding musicians are gathering in Samarkand again and calling on the world to the unique celebration of art.


We welcome you, our dear guests, as ambassadors of peace and friendship, who express the spiritual world of various nations through music and convey their greetings and kind wishes. We highly value the noble effort of thousands of people of art on the way of countering ignorance with enlightenment, preserving and strengthening high human ideals.


In the course of the festival, my dears, you will be able to showcase the musical heritage of your Motherland and visit our cities and villages, have sincere conversations with our compatriots, make a close acquaintance with the life of Uzbek people, their dreams and aspirations, as well as hospitality.


I am confident that it will widen your impressions about our country and people and be a good source of inspiration for you.


Dear participants of the festival!


I once again congratulate you on today’s festival of art and grace. I wish you a sound health, happiness, best of luck and success to the forum.


Dear friends, today standing on the blessed and generous land of Samarkand, where noble dreams come true, all of us wish for one goal:


Let enlivening melodies resound in all countries of the world!


Let all people in this world always live in harmony and accord!


Let always peace and tranquility be on Earth!

 Thank you for your attention.