Jointly with the company Interactive System, the State Committee for Tourism Development of Uzbekistan has started the development and implementation of the project Hospitality Contract – a system for monitoring and managing the quality of service

The system will contribute to improving the image, popularity and attractiveness of Uzbekistan in the world ranking, ensuring the accelerated development of tourism through the introduction of a monitoring and quality management system in the services of tourist infrastructure facilities.

Hospitality Contract will help to increase the level of customer satisfaction with tourist facilities – airports, hotels, hostels, guest houses and ensure their safety, increase the level of staff competence and create an effective channel for prompt response, which allows timely response to negative customer responses.

The Hospitality Contract program was developed using the HappyOrNot system, a Finnish terminal manufacturer for customer service. Standard review terminals consist of four smiley buttons that customers should use to indicate the degree of their satisfaction with the service provided to them.

On March 18 this year, the Hospitality Contract program, based on TM ClickSmile, was submitted for approval. Solutions for the automation of feedback (FeedBack) and quality of service management were approved by the President of Uzbekistan. The implementation of the monitoring and quality management system NetQIS (TM ClickSmile) took an honorable place in the program, providing it with the necessary innovative technological support.

Under the guidance of the State Committee for Tourism Development, the Hospitality Contract program will be implemented in all organizations providing services to foreign tourists and the population of the country – at airports, railway and bus stations, banks, retail networks, museums, hotels, public catering sites, and so on.

Its implementation will allow improving the quality of service at the tourist infrastructure facilities, and the business entities will provide an opportunity to react quickly to customer feedback, thereby increasing the company’s reputation and, in the future, the opportunity to participate in the annual competition for the Uzbekistan Tourism Industry Awards, which promotes the popularization of Uzbekistan’s tourism brands.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)