Jizzakh Attractive not Just by Zaamin

State reserves Nurota and Zaamin, the national park Zaamin, Aidar-Arnasai lakes system, nine forestry enterprises and the Kyzylkum desert are especially interesting for ecotourism fans. The region boasts 72 thousand hectares of forest, more than 200 ecotourism facilities, and here you can find over 50 species of rare birds and animals, more than 1,000 plant species.

In the Jizzakh region, there are many historical and archaeological sites that are of great interest to tourists. Under state protection are 372 facilities of cultural heritage, 42 of which are historical monuments and places of worship, 267 are archaeological sites, 63 being monuments.

The region’s attractiveness is enhanced by ethnography, unique traditions and customs of the population of Zaamin, Bakhmal, Gallaaral, Mirzachul, Farish, Yangiabad, Sharaf-Rashidove districts and the city of Jizzakh.

The attention paid to the improvement of the tourist infrastructure contributes to growth in the flow of tourists to the region. Thus, in 2016, over 4 thousand foreign and 28 thousand local tourists were served in 14 hotels, two motels, nine guest houses, 20 campsites and two yurt camps in the province. And in 2017, more than 5,500 foreign and 35,000 domestic travelers used the services of these tourist sites.

However, this does not mean at all that the existing opportunities for the development of tourism are used in full in the region. The remoteness of tourist places from each other, the inadequate quality of roads, the problems associated with transport, telephone communications, the internet, disruptions in the supply of electricity and other communication systems, the inactivity in advocacy and the lack of specialists - all this significantly hinders advanced development of tourism in this region.

In addressing these and other issues, the Action Plan for the Accelerated Development of the Tourist Potential of the Jizzakh Region in 2017-2019, adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 17 May 2017, is of great importance. In accordance with this program, 48 projects on tourism development are envisaged to be realized. By now, 22 of them have already been executed with a total cost of 65.3 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 30.05.2018, 1$= 7982.25  soums). As a result, 552 places for recreation of tourists, as well as more than 220 new jobs were created at the sites involved. In particular, in the village of Kurik in the Zaamin district, the Azim-Zomin sanatorium for 250 beds has been built and put into operation, so has a sanatorium for 100 people in the village of Kukjar in Bakhmal district, along with modern hotels in the city of Jizzakh as well as Zaamin and Dustlik districts, three camping and yurt camps on the banks of Aidar-Arnasai system of lakes in the Farish district, and more than 10 guest houses in the mountainous areas.

This year, 26 tourism development projects worth more than 85.1 billion soums are planned to be implemented in the region, as a result of which about 300 new jobs will be created.

In accordance with the Action Plan, this year works will be carried out to repair almost 180.3 kilometers of roads in the zones of ecotourism facilities, alongside improving the sanitary and hygienic state of the roadside infrastructure. During their repair, road signs will be installed in tourist places, places of pilgrimage and ecotourism zones, as will special information panels in Russian, English and Uzbek.

“Our 20-bed guest house is working for ecotourists,” said S.Shavkiev, head of the Sarbon Nraval family enterprise in the Farish district. “Foreign guests can enjoy all the natural diversity of our area, including mountains, desert, lakes. The attention paid by the state to the development of tourism creates great opportunities for us, the villagers.”

The search for ways to further the development of the travel industry is in progress. To this end, work is underway on the implementation of projects with a total cost of more than 220 billion soums in the Gallaaral and Sharaf-Rashidov districts, with the participation of foreign investors. These schemes provide for the construction of a modern motel, restaurant, car park, service points and eco-park, as well as the creation of the tourist infrastructure “Agro City” along the international highway.

As a result of the implementation of such promising projects scheduled for 2017-2019, the number of foreign tourists coming to the region by 2021 is expected to exceed 20 thousand, of domestic tourists - 100 thousand people.

Development in areas such as ecotourism, agrotourism, ethnographic tourism, fishing tourism, sports and health tourism and gastronomic tourism is of great importance in providing work to the population of remote villages, creating an additional source of income for them.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)