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Undiscovered Treasures of Uzbekistan

Describing the unusual travels of the Norwegian tourist K. Lindgren, the authoritative British paper Daily Mail notes that he visited 97 countries and took a huge amount of stunning photographs. Refusing to travel to famous places, which are already known all over the world, Lindgren created his own blog UnusualTraveler. In one of the entries of this blog, he notes that he found the treasure - the Aral Sea.



By late 2019, more than 50 standard-design cinemas are projected to be erected across Uzbekistan.

To date, three standard designs for cinemas: summer, as well as a one-story and two-story buildings have already been approved. The latter two types are to have two halls, each of which designed for about 50 seats.



Meeting with the delegation of Turkey

Delegation led by Deputy Minister of Interior of the Republic of Turkey Ahmet Avşar met with the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Davron Nazarmukhamedov.



Homeland Cannot Be Carried Away, One Can Only Take a Longing For It

The national artist of the word, ‘Russian’ by language, Kyrgyz by descent, Tatar by mother, universal in thinking, humanist by spirit - who is it? Lovers of reading are not mistaken and immediately recognized in it the world-famous Chingiz Aitmatov, the author of philosophical works and novels published in more than a hundred countries of the world.




Выборы Президента Республики Узбекистан. Декабрь 2016 


 Международный инвестиционный форум в г.Ташкенте


 Новости Республики Узбекистан (ИА "Жахон")