The Investment

Several projects implemented at SIZ Jizzakh

Several investments projects are implemented at the territory of special industrial zone Jizzakh, the newspaper Pravda Vostoka reported.



The Expanding Mobile Market

China’s ZTE Corporation – the world’s telecommunications giant – has been active in the Uzbek market. Cellular phone and modem production capacities, notably, are on the rise. There are long-term plans to launch manufacturing of videophone and expand the mobile phone range.

The Chinese corporation appears as one the key high technology investors in the Uzbek market in addition to the fact that its telecommunications equipment is actively used by domestic mobile operators and the Uzbektelecom Company. A tripartite joint venture specializing on the assembly of digital television sets and on the manufacture of telecommunication equipment – ADSL- and DSLAM-modems was established in September 2011 in Navoi FIEZ jointly with the ZTE Corporation and former Uzbek Agency for Communication and Information on the basis of the Uzbek-Singaporean joint venture Telecom Innovations. Data transmission technologies allow for using a standard landline both as telephone and high-speed Internet. The production capacity is 25 thousand sets of equipment. This successful project has allowed the Chinese partners to assess the prospects of the domestic market and study a favorable investment climate in Uzbekistan.

A modern production line of UzTE smartphones was launched in September 2013 in the Haqiqat village of Sirdaryo Region. The project was founded on a parity basis by ZTE and the Uzbek-Chinese enterprise Pengzhong Xingsheng. This December the companies plan to expand the production of cell phones and start manufacturing four or five new models in the mid-price segment. As a result, the total capacity of the line is expected to reach about 150 million handsets a year, with 40% of new models. Investors are going to invest about $2 million in the production development. Moreover, it is scheduled to open a network of brand phone and accessories shops in November-December.

The establishment of manufacture of videophones is another promising project. The Chinese side is currently negotiating with Uzbektelecom on the establishment of a joint venture for the manufacture of new products. It is planned to locate it in the Jizzakh special industrial zone. The videophones will be based on NGN networks of new generation, as actively developed by Uzbektelecom. The equipment will be primarily focused on the corporate segment.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

Not to Stay on the Sidelines

It is hard to overestimate the importance of highways in the modern economic system. However, not many people understand how hard it is to build a quality and safe roadway. A present day road is not just the way from point A to point B, but it combines a whole range of engineering, technical and technological solutions, responsible for hundreds thousands of lives.



Uzbekistan uses investments for US$6.7bn in 1H

Uzbekistan used investment into fixed capital for US$6.7 billion in US dollar equivalent in the first half of 2014, which rose by 12.8% year-on-year.



Proactive Approach

Seriously affected by the current geopolitical situation, the global investment landscape is changing rapidly. Asset management companies, hedge funds as well as individual financiers and bankers working in Russia are taking their money out of that country as they are looking for additional ways to make profits. According to Emerging Portfolio Fund Research, a company analyzing the global financial flows for financial institutions, they have taken out around $500 million for the past two months. However, as major economies have been experiencing  outflows of money, the interest in investing in so-called emerging markets has been growing. Only for the last week of July, the developing markets attracted $5.3 billion of foreign investments – a maximum week investment in the previous period of 18 months. So now a big investment game is unfolding in Asia, and Uzbekistan has certain trump cards in it.



Orient Express

Many experts assert that nowadays major infrastructure projects carried out to build robust logistical chains between regions and continents are among the few stimuli to boost the global economic growth. Most of such projects are about rail transportation that plays a leading infrastructural role in Eurasia. Uzbekistan has been active in taking part in the implementation of global transportation projects to build interconnected railroad networks throughout the Eurasian landmass.



Government approves new rules of agreeing perspective investment proposals

The Government of Uzbekistan issued a resolution “On measures on improving mechanisms of agreeing perspective proposals and process of attracting foreign investments and loans”.



Cement Line

A new cement works is to be constructed in Tashkent Region. It is going to use a unique energy-efficient and environment-sparing technology.