Foreign policy

Uzbekistan and International Security Issues

The war in Afghanistan, where tensions have a tendency to deteriorate, today is one of the main sources of concern of the world community and, first of all, of security threats in Central Asia.



Cooperation of the Republic of Uzbekistan with international organizations

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a member of more than 100 international organizations.

Uzbekistan became a member of the United Nations Organization on 2 March 1992. The main priorities of cooperation with the UN are the issues concerning countering current threats and challenges, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, reconstruction of Afghanistan, ecological problems, social-economic development, promotion and protection of human rights.



Contemporary international problems and position of Uzbekistan

After gaining its sovereignty Uzbekistan has gained an opportunity to independently conduct its foreign policy. It was based on the following standard principles: priority of national interests of the state and norms of international law, non-interference to internal affairs of other states, resolution of all disputes in peaceful manner.



Objectives of Uzbekistan's foreign policy course

 September 31, 1991, the day when our independence was officially proclaimed, came as an initial point of Uzbekistan's full-scale integration into the world community. In 1991 the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan consisted of only 10 employees who fulfilled only protocol and representative functions and accompanied foreign guests while the latter visited historic and cultural places in Uzbekistan.