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Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan to Participate in Elections as a Non-Political Organization

In the Address to the Oliy Majlis, the head of state proposed to give up the quota of seats in the lower house of parliament for representatives of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan and stressed that it was time to create equal conditions for all political forces.


The correspondent of Uzbekistan Today asked member of the Eco-movement’s deputy group in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, Sergei Samoilov, to express his opinion on this issue.


- In his Address, the President of our country drew attention to the importance of the condition for strengthening the role of the parliament by creating equal conditions for all political actors and ensuring inter-party competition. At the same time, the head of state stressed that the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, organized in 2008, turned into a real political force. At the same time, the inclusion of representatives of the Eco-movement into the lower house of parliament on the basis of a predetermined quota does not help to increase their activity and initiative.


Indeed, it should be recognized that there is no such practice in any democratic country in the world. So this proposal of the President of our country is quite justified and justified.


- For some reason you evaluate the proposal of the head of the country as some kind of praise for the deputies from the Ecological Movement. Meanwhile, the Message contains quite serious criticism of all people's deputies, without exception.


- Partially agree with you, but is the President’s words that Ecological Movement has turned into a real political force in a short time is not praise? I think the affirmative answer here is obvious. And this is the basis for the following thesis of the country’s leader - the need to strengthen healthy competition in the political arena.


- In this regard, what is the future of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan? How does it intend to participate in the future in lawmaking, as well as in elections?


- There is as yet no clear and unequivocal answer to these questions. In my opinion, the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan needs to preserve the status of a non-governmental non-profit and non-political organization, for which the highest priority is the solution of environmental issues. At the same time, the important task of the deputies elected from the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan is not only to raise and put questions from the high tribune in the sphere of environmental protection and public health, but also taking into account the opinion of our voters to take effective measures to solve the existing environmental problems on the ground. At the same time, taking into account the accumulated national experience, as well as the practice of the advanced foreign countries, it is necessary to legislatively fix the right of Ecological Movement participation in elections to representative bodies of power, and also to develop a mechanism for organizing this process. And not only to make appropriate changes in domestic legislation, but to develop and adopt a single Electoral Code that meets international norms and standards.


- There is a certain contradiction in your proposal. On the one hand, you want to remain a non-political organization, on the other - to participate in elections, but this is a political process?


- One does not interfere. After all, for example, self-government bodies of citizens in the republic are non-state and non-political; nevertheless, they along with political parties participate in elections to local Kengashes of people’s deputies. By analogy, and we, not being a political party, could participate in elections to both the parliament of the country and the local Kengashes, of course, in case of legislative consolidation of this issue.


- And why would Ecological Movement not follow a different path, tested in the developed countries of the West? That is, to create its own party, conditionally call it the “Environmental Party of Uzbekistan”, and legally participate in all elections, including in the presidential elections?


- Of course you can. But since the creation of a political party involves a struggle for power, I believe that the representatives of our movement need to focus on protecting nature and solving environmental issues, and this is no end of the job!

 (Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)