Etirof 2015 Award Winners Named

Representing a wide range of areas like culture, arts, sports, journalism and fiction, 23 laureates of this year’s Etirof Awards have been announced at the Istiqlol Palace of Arts in Tashkent. The traditional prize, Etirof (recognition) is awarded by the Center of Culture and Youth Arts under Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Culture and Sports in cooperation with social partners. The nominees included representatives of creative professions whose efforts and endeavors help promote national values and enrich the spiritual life of the people, as well as athletes who have achieved remarkable results.The outgoing year has been generous to our athletes for bright victories. Among the most notable triumphs were the performances at world championships of the taekwondo master Dmitry Shokin and the judoka Diyora Keldiyorova. No one had displayed such splendid outcomes in these sports previously. Hence, it came as little surprise when the two were named winners in the categories “The Athlete of the Year” and “The Queen of Sports of the Year”, respectively. The honorable title “The Paralympic Athlete of the Year” went to Husniddin Norbekov, who earned a license to Brazil in the shot put. The Nukus-based sports mentor Jalol Yusupov was announced the Sports Coach of the Year.“For me, this year was full of surprises, Jalol Yusupov said. “Of course, I feel confident in my trainees. But I did not expect Turabek Tirkashev to become a world champion. The achievements of my students in international arenas have become the appraisal of my contribution to the development of wrestling.”The reopening of Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater of Opera and Ballet after reconstruction, construction of a new puppet theater in Andijan, the development of cinema, premieres throughout the year have been in the public spotlight. Therefore, the audience waited for the announcement of winners with great excitement. Shirin Mamatova proved second to no one in the category of opera singers, while Gulbahor Yuldasheva excelled in creating historical personages. The Best Actor and Actress awards went to Feruz Burkhonov of the Uzbek State Musical Theater and Shahlo Temirova of the Uzbek National Academic Drama Theater. In the movie segment, the top prizes went to Yulduz Rajabova, best known for the films Falling Leaves, The Tourist, The Blow, and Shohruh Nasimov, the audience favorite from the motion picture and other works.Among those who earned the Etirof-2015 award were the sculptor Aslanbek Alnazarov, the craftsman Jasur Jumaev, the dancer Dilorom Madrahimova and the ensemble Oibek and Nigora. The award “For merits in the field of arts” went to Nuriddin Khaidarov.With great interest the audience followed the awarding of musicians. The composer Oydin Abdullaeva, political parties singers Abdurashid Yuldoshev and Malika Egamberdieva were invited on stage to award the winners. Nuriddin Khamrokulov was recognized as the best among performers in the national style.Among the honored that evening were colleagues of ours, too. “The producer of youth programs of the year” went to Bakhtiyor Safarov; the luckiest ones among the nominees of radio anchors proved Ibrokhim Akhmedov, and Jamshid Umrzokov of journalists.(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)