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Successful Initiatives

Ark Eco Textiles, operating in Bukhara, intends to implement a number of promising projects to enhance its production capacity.

A foreign enterprise in the form of a limited liability company, which began its activity in 2012, increases production volumes every year.

“At first, we set up production of cotton yarn,” says executive director Tolib Kuldashev. “Our products within a short time attracted interest of not only local but also foreign buyers. In the first years, we supplied yarn for $ 400 thousand to a number of Russian textile manufacturers. Of course, today requires constant research, market research. Therefore, we have taken the path of expanding and developing our activities.”

In 2014, the company implemented a business plan for the deep processing of raw materials. The new workshop was equipped with modern weaving machines. At the same time, our own capital was used, as well as a loan of 1.6 million euros taken at the bank. Thanks to the new project, 112 new jobs have been created; their total number has reached 160. Thus, in addition to the production of yarn, the method of manufacturing harsh coarse calico and dyed fabric was mastered. 95% of this production is shipped abroad.

Today, products are supplied, in addition Russia, to Ukraine and Italy. For nine months of the current year, yarn, harsh calico and finished fabrics were exported for $ 2.6 million. It is expected that by the end of the year this figure will exceed last year’s results, that is, reach $ 3 million.

If we take into account the variability and unpredictability of the international market associated with different factors, the achievements and stable indicators show that Arc Eco Textiles, with its competitiveness, withstands various tests and strengthens its position. In addition, it has a high financial potential. An example of this is the timely repayment of a loan taken in a commercial bank, the sufficiency of working capital.

A new scientifically based business plan for the further expansion of the enterprise’s activities and export development has already been developed. Productivity has been increasing. This is of particular importance given great attention to the social protection of workers and specialists, material incentives along with advanced training. Workers are provided with free lunches and transportation.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)