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Prices for goods and services grow

In October this year, prices for goods and services in the consumer market of Uzbekistan on average increased by 1,3%. In general, over 10 months, inflation in the consumer sector was 9,5 %, the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan reports.

An analysis of the nature of changes in consumer prices for each month of the year showed that the most significant inflationary pressure on the economy was applied in the first quarter (inflation for three months was 4,9 %) and September-October (1,8 % and 1,3 % respectively month).

In October, the rise in food prices for the month significantly exceeded the same indicator for non-food goods and services. Food prices rose by 2,3 %, while services and non-food products added only 0,5 %.

The study of price changes for the period from the beginning of the year in the context of these groups showed the opposite situation: leadership in price increases belongs to services (10,7 %).

(Source: UzA)