Khorezm hosted “Magic of dance” International Festival

As previously reported, on September 14-16, “Magic of Dance” International Festival was held in Khorezm.

Within the framework of the three-day festival, national cultural heritage, art, national values and customs, in particular, the best examples of handicraft, dance, fine and applied arts inherent in various regions of the country, traditions of national cuisine were demonstrated.

An excursion of participants to objects of cultural heritage of the city of Khiva was organized. Within the framework of the international festival, an exhibition of national cuisine and a competition of cooks were organized. At the contest of cooks from different regions, various local dishes were prepared.

Within the framework of the international festival, a scientific practical conference on “The importance of national traditions in dance art” was held. At the conference organized by the House of Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan Friendship in Urgench district, a group of domestic and foreign scientists, researchers conducting scientific research in the field of dance art, its history and practice delivered speeches.

Scientists of the country made presentations on the history of national dance art and the instrumental maqom genre.

At the closing ceremony of the holiday, the winners of the competitions, held within the framework of the festival, were awarded.

The group of artists led by the master of art Ambrogio Sparania from Italy won the nomination “The best dance performance, which earned a storm of audience’s applause”. Mashu Komazaki from Japan and Laurel Victoria Gray from the United States won in the nomination “Propaganda of Uzbek National Performing Arts Abroad”. Asri Dwi Hapsari from Indonesia was recognized as the “Best foreign dancer”, Professor Chandra Shekhar from India won the nomination “For scientific research in Uzbek national dance”. In addition, domestic dance groups and soloists were awarded in the nominations “The youngest performer of dances”, “The most beautiful national dance clothes”, “The best soloist”, “The most elegant dancer”.

(Source: UzA)