A unique travel complex is projected to be built in the village Afshona, Peshku district of Bukhara region, where the great Avicenna was born

At the expense of $ 51 million of Alke group of companies, established at the foundation of Medifemo Assistance, the complex of Abu Ali Ibn Sina’s heritage will be built in the settlement. To this end, a memorandum was signed by the hokimiyat of Peshku district and Alke group of companies. The development of a project that takes into account the traditions and styles of national architecture, climatic features is coming to the end.

Recently, the Bukhara regional hokimiyat hosted a presentation of plans for the construction of the complex in Afshona. Representatives of the Turkish company Medifemo Assistance took part in it. It is planned that the construction of the complex will begin in the autumn of this year and will be completed by August 2019.

Each object of the complex, occupying 5 hectares, will differ in originality. The largest territory will be occupied by the Center of Traditional Medicine, where a stone hammam (public bath) with a steam effect will be organized, sandalwood, which will help in the treatment of leg diseases, treatment with leeches, massage rooms. Visitors will be offered katik and kaimak from cow’s milk, saturated with medicinal herbs, fruit juices and tinctures. The treatment with honey, salt, vegetable oil, walks in the fresh air will be organized.

Undoubtedly, interesting will be also the eco-park, which will appear on the territory of the complex. It will grow apricots, nuts, jid, medicinal properties of which noted Ibn Sina. In the garden there will be organized walks on horses and camels, which is also useful for people’s health.

A corner of scientific works, manuscripts, manuals and brochures of the great healer is planned to be created in the complex. Trade in medicinal plants will be established.

With the increase in the flow of visitors, other services will be introduced. For example, in a built 4-star hotel with 100 beds for guests will create all the amenities. Another important innovation: for visitors of Afshona will be organized by air, rail and bus transport at affordable prices. It is planned to repair access roads to the complex, including passing through the neighboring Vabkent district.

“It is planned to organize seminars, meetings and roundtables with the participation of Abu Ali ibn Sina scientists,” said Shohruh Omonov, the deputy hokim of the Peshku district for investment and tourism issues. “At the same time, the visits of medical workers of our country to the complex and the memorial museum of the great healer will be arranged. Here, graduates of medical colleges can traditionally take the oath of Abu Ali ibn Sina. Winners of the republican review contest “Followers of Abu Ali ibn Sina”, held among students of higher educational institutions and medical colleges, will be awarded here.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)