48 projects designed to enhance tourism development are due in Jizzakh region by late next year

In the foothills of Nurata Mountains, the nature of the village of Uhum with its beauty amazes everyone. Narzullo Musayev used these natural opportunities in 2016, having built a house-hotel with two rooms and adjusting the provision of services to tourists. The result surpassed all expectations. Using the income for business development, the enthusiast built three more 60-bed hotel-houses.

Currently, 4 people work in the family business of Nuratau-xiking of Narzullo Musayev. In a season when the stream of visitors increases, the businessman uses the services of neighbors and relatives.

“Last year we provided services to almost 700 tourists,” says the hospitality owner. “Guests come from different countries, but most of them are from France. They are interested not only in the nature, but also in customs, traditions, way of life of our people. Therefore, we pay special attention to the equipment of hotels, we show our national identity to tourists when preparing dishes.”

Narzullo Musayev does not intend to limit himself to the results achieved. He plans to expand his activities owing to a bank loan. The businessman recurrently acquaints himself with new regulations and opportunities in the field of tourism. Despite the fact that he is fluent in English and Russian, he does not cease to work on himself. He also supports children and hotel workers in language learning.

As a whole, the work on the development of ecotourism conducted in remote villages of the Farish district indicates great opportunities in this area. The government program for the accelerated development of the tourism potential of the Jizzakh region in 2017-2019 envisages the implementation of 48 projects for the development of tourism. However, there are a number of shortcomings in this direction. Until now, work is not being carried out at the required level to create a tourist infrastructure in the central part of the region, along the international highway. Projects are being postponed for the improvement of Amir Temur gates, Temur caves in Ilonutti gorge – an important point on the way from where tourists pass to Samarkand, Bukhara, Khorezm, Nukus and in general to the southern regions of the nation.

A hotel and recreation areas are being built in the area, hosted by entrepreneur Nilufar Abduraimova, but in a slow pace. The total cost of works is 1.7 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 11.07.2018, 1$= 7813.42  soums), part of which in the amount of 1 billion soums the entrepreneur performed at her own expense. A bank loan of 700 million soums, envisaged for the full realization of the project, has not yet been identified.

The same sluggishness is observed in the implementation of a project to establish a tourist zone Sehrli Qarmoq in the village of Khulkar in Zaamin district, a quite popular destination for tourists. The entrepreneur has the appropriate documents, enough funds, but land for the construction of facilities still awaits allocation. Such tardiness is observed not only in the construction of travel facilities; in the Zaamin district alone, 8 tourism projects have not been launched for various reasons.

“Indeed, we cannot say that the tourist opportunities of the territories are used today to a full extent,” S. Koraboev, acting head of the Jizzakh regional territorial administration of the State Committee for Tourism Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, said. “This is due to the remote location of tourist points from each other, bad roads, insufficient development of telephone communications, interruptions in the operation of the internet and communication systems. One of the gravest reasons is irresponsibility in the matter of supporting entrepreneurs in this sphere. At present, the necessary measures are being taken together with local hokimiyats to quickly eliminate these shortcomings.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)