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Uzbekistan: Cluster Approach

This year, in the Rishtan district of the Ferghana region, cotton is grown by a method of clustering, on 6.5 thousand hectares of land. A new method, applied for the first time on the basis of contracting, concluded with 327 cotton-growing farms, according to expert forecasts, should increase the volumes of products manifold.

To implement the project, a specialized limited company, Cluster Ltd., was established in the district. These days, more than 20 of its agronomists and other cotton specialists are entering the fields and watching the development of crops, and are working to increase yields. In order to combat insect pests, 15 new VHF units were purchased, which are effectively used by farms.

Now the farmer does not need anything, he receives the necessary mineral fertilizers and fuel in the terms and in the quantities established by the contract. Employees are paid in time. And the development and condition of cotton plants is under the constant supervision of specialists.

“We have in fact made sure of the advantages of the cluster method,” says the head of the farm Yulchiboy Holikov. “70 hectares of land are at our disposal. This year, they signed an agreement with Cluster Ltd. and planted cotton grade C 8290 on 32 hectares in order to obtain 45 centners of crop per hectare.”

“The introduction of the cluster method contributes to the growth in our incomes,” said Nodira Akbarova, the head of the farm Zarinabonu Yerlari. “Thanks to the recommendations of specialists I began to use new fertilizers. As a result, the condition of the land, which usually with difficulty gave up to 29 centners of the crop, was radically improved. Today, with every hectare, we raise 35 harvest centers. This year, we grow cotton on 22.5 hectares. So far, cultivation of row-spacing has been carried out 4 times, including once with the introduction of mineral fertilizers. This year, cottonseed seeds were sown on two rows, so care for them is carried out with strict adherence to the recommendations of specialists and agrotechnical measures.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)