Chinese companies are planning to implement a project to extract tungsten, molybdenum and copper in the Samarkand region

It will be carried out on the Ingichka plateau near the town of Kattakurgan. Recently, representatives of a number of companies from China traveled there to conduct an initial study of the opportunities and conditions for the implementation of the project.

The Chinese intend to use two operating mines in the area, and also plan to build several new ones. In addition, they will be engaged in supplementary geological exploration, during which, in addition to tungsten, molybdenum and copper, other mineral resources can be found. Also in this territory there is an opportunity to produce building materials from wastes of ore sand, and, in particular, facing bricks.

To date, a preliminary agreement has been reached on the implementation of a project in the mining and metallurgical industry on the territory of the Ingichka plateau and the attraction of direct Chinese investments in the amount of $ 50-55 million for the improvement of communication networks and construction of infrastructure facilities. The phased realization of the project will ensure the creation of 500 to 700 new jobs.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)