Tourist Registration Simplified

To deliver an environment conducive for foreign tourists to visits Uzbekistan freely and at ease and simplify the procedure for registering with bodies of the interior, those arriving in the country now have the opportunity to independently register in the form of a notification using a specialized electronic automated program via the internet.

In accordance with new regulations, for foreign citizens on an independent journey, living in tent camps or land transport adapted to stay, within three days after their arrival in Uzbekistan, they will notify by self-filling in data with indication of settlements along the route through the mentioned program. In the meantime, independent tourists are responsible for registration in the order established by the legislation of Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile, travelers can apply to tourist information offices or nearby accommodation facilities. In this case, the administration of tourist information bureaus and accommodation facilities are required to send a notice to the internal affairs bodies with the completion of the data of independent foreign tourists on the basis of their application.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)