At the Tudakul reservoir in the Kyzyltepa district of Navoi region, the joint venture Aqua-Tudakul has built an incubation shop for the cultivation of fish fry on the basis of Vietnamese technology

The joint venture, created by the Uzbek company Shams-Navoiy from Navoi and the American CASEF, plays an important role in the development of fish farming in the region. Currently, the company is working on the adaptation of the existing building for the processing of 1,000 tons of fish per year.

During his trip to the region on March 2 this year, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev drew attention to the need for accelerated development of fish farming, the effective use of natural reservoirs for this purpose, and also dwelt on the shortcomings in this industry.

In particular, the work on the development of fish farming in the Aidar-Arnasai lake system, the streamlining of the use of these basins, the cessation of illegal fishing, and the sluggishness of the responsible persons in the organization of the incubation workshops were criticized. For a positive solution of issues, a corresponding resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers was adopted. In accordance with it, the State Tax Committee will create the State Unitary Enterprise “Directorate of the Aidar-Arnasai Lake System”. In the lake basins across regions of our country, 14 sites for fish farming are allocated.

Today, in the part of Aidarkul, which is assigned to the Navoi region, 5 farms operate in the field of fish farming. As a result of effective use of the Tudakul Lake located in the channel of the Zarafshan River, export-oriented fish products are cultivated.

The joint venture is completing the construction of a warehouse with a 250-ton refrigerator, installing a technological line brought from abroad. There are workshops for the production of 400 tons of fish fillets, 350 tons of semi-finished products, as well as fish cutlets. The company’s products are exported mainly to Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. The most important thing is that 100 people are employed.

“Joint work with Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese specialists is there to boost productivity,” says director general Sh. Jamolov. “Also, with the purpose of studying advanced and more efficient technologies, our specialists have been enriching their experience abroad. Due to the measures taken, the catch and harvesting of fish has grown two-fold.”

In the current year, it is planned to produce 20-22 million young fish in the hatchery shops of the enterprise, and 20 million fingerlings naturally in 40 closed-type pools.

“At the Tudakul reservoir we have been cooperating with the joint venture since 2002,” says Ofer Berzak, manager of the Israeli company Galidi. “In the future we are going to implement a number of projects on fish farming in Aidarkul. And crucially, fish processing and conservation are carried out right here, on the spot. This indicates that fish farming in the Navoi region rises to a new level.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)