Some of the facilities and territories of Uzbekistan, which may be attractive for tourists, have been excluded from the list of forbidden sites

Now the following territories have become available for visiting:

• the Radio Astronomy Complex (RT - 70) on the Suffa plateau and the surrounding area of ​​the Zaamin district in Jizzakh region;

• within Jizzakh region: the Guralashsai locality, the road from the Zaamin sanatorium through the Suffa plateau and the Kyzylmazar tract to the village of Muzbulak;

• within Kashkadarya region: the Tamerlane cave in the Kalasai gorge, Tashkurgan village:

• traces of dinosaurs in the Kalasai gorge, the waterfall in the Kalasai gorge, the Suvtushar waterfall, the villages of Javuz, Gilan, Kul, the Khaja-Karshavar plateau, the Janka lake, the Severtsev glacier, the Hazrat Sultan shrine.

This measure helps attract foreign tourists, increase the number of visited areas for travel and boost the attractiveness of our country for potential tourists.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)