The Cabinet Simplifies Tourist Fee Collection

The Resolution of Uzbekistan’s Cabinet of Ministers on May 29 introduced amendments to the existing rules as to simplify and clarify the procedure for collecting tourist (hotel) fee from foreign citizens and persons without nationality who do not have a permanent residence in the territory of Uzbekistan.

Now, the tourist (hotel) fee is collected from foreign citizens by means of accommodation and medical institutions for each day of their residence. For an incomplete day of accommodation, a tourist (hotel) fee is charged as a full day. At the same time, a tourist (hotel) fee for children under the age of 16 is ruled out. Also, this fee is charged by travel activity entities (tourist agents) from the guests who arranged their accommodation in tent camps and ground transport, converted for accommodations for overnight stay.

In addition, a tourist (hotel) fee for foreign citizens staying in Uzbekistan for up to 30 days is paid by individuals who accept and provide their living space for non-commercial purposes. And foreign citizens making an independent trip, living in campgrounds and ground transport converted for accommodation, pay for the tourist fee themselves.

Prior to these changes, a tourist fee had been charged for each day of residence of foreign citizens in the accommodation facility, that is, foreign travelers or other foreign citizens who lived in other residential areas did not themselves travel.

The differentiated rates of the tourist (hotel) fee collected from hotels and other accommodation facilities are presented in the table

Accommodation facilities

Number of rooms

The amount of tourist (hotel) fee (in % of the minimal rate of wage)

Hotels and similar accommodation facilities *: hotels, aparthotels, apartment complexes (residences), spa hotels, boutique hotels, motels, tourist bases; tourist camps; tent / camping camp; yurt camps; houses / centers / recreation areas; tourist settlement; camping, etc.

More  than 40




Up to 10


Sanatorium-resort accommodation facilities: sanatoria, boarding houses, clinics with accommodation, etc.


Specialized accommodation facilities for recreation and leisure activities: houses / centers / recreation areas, sports facilities, etc.

Individual means of accommodation, incl. (with the number of rooms up to 5): summer residence; a private house; city guest house; apartment; eco-farm; house in the mountains; country house; yurt; chalet; bungalow; residence, etc.


Tent camps and land transport converted for accommodations for overnight stays (independently, through tour operators, tourist information offices and accommodation facilities)

Foreign citizens on independent journey, living in campgrounds and ground transport converted to accommodation facilities for overnight accommodation

Medical treatment facilities


Guest houses organized in the homes of the local population in rural areas (beds capacity up to 10 units, organized in accordance with the requirement for guest houses)

Private houses (apartments) not for commercial purposes

Note: * For each star rating of hotels and similar accommodation facilities 2% of minimal rate of wage is added.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)