60 projects totaling 196.2 million US dollars are under implementation in the Urgut Free Economic Zone

In particular, 34 construction projects are initiated currently, while 12 investment projects are being implemented on the basis of buildings and structures existing in the FEZ. To date, investors have contributed $ 53.2 million for their implementation.

A few days ago, the first four enterprises started operating on the territory of the free economic zone. Sam Dry Fruits Limited Liability Company is among those pioneers. Within the framework of this project, the production of sandwich panels has been established at a total cost of $ 2.1 million in Urgut for the first time, on the basis of modern technologies.

“Currently, sandwich panels of three sizes are being produced with the help of imported modern equipment from China,” says O. Mamatov, the company’s business manager. “Now our goods are in high demand already, and orders are being received from enterprises set up in the FEZ. Along with meeting domestic needs, we plan to export products by the end of the year. After the enterprise starts operating at full capacity, most of the goods will go abroad.”

Over twenty young workers, led by three specialists from China, manage the production processes based on cutting-edge technologies.

At enterprises put into operation in the free economic zone, production of socks and knitted goods (Alfa Max Alliance), disposable shaving machines (Salim Biznes Baraka), electric cables and modern LED-lamps (Marokand Kabel Invest) is established. By late this year, another 10 enterprises are planned to be put into operation in the Urgut FEZ.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)